GoPro Pole Grip


Pole Grip for my GoPro Hero 8

Made to give me something to hang onto while taking my cam for a walk. I added a little geometry to improve grip on the handle itself since PLA can be a little slippery.

Geometry created for a M5 x.8 acorn nut, just a little superglue will hold it in while using a standard GoPro screw to secure the GoPro camera.

Model Settings:

  • 7″ overall
  • Grip is approx. 4.5″

The pictures of the model are printed at the following settings:

  • Printed standing up
  • .15mm layer height (can go lower for better quality, strength, etc. .15mm does just fine, no weak spots from what I can tell.)
  • 20%-30% infill, mainly to ensure the top geometry would be strong enough to connect and disconnect physically with the GoPro and not break.

Printer Settings:

True Red Hatchbox PLA
Printer Nozzle – 200
Heated Bed – 60

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