Hizashi Yamada « Present Mic » Prop Set


This set includes Present Mic’s shoulder pads, elbow pads, and amplifier. most pieces print as a single unit and will require post-processing and painting to finish.

The elbow pads and shoulder pads have loops to be sewn onto the jacket of the costume.

The amplifier has a recessed strap loop for securing an elastic strap and sewing it in place. It also has small recessions for gluing in magnets to keep the parts aligned when being worn.


All parts are pre-oriented for best bed adhesion. The amplifier and back collar have flat surfaces sufficient for bed adhesion and do not require supports. The shoulder pads have flat surfaces sufficient for bed adhesion but have a major overhang and I would suggest using supports. the elbow pads do not have many flat surfaces and may require a raft and supports.


Front Collar X1
Back Collar X1
Shoulder X2
Elbow X2
Elastic Strap X2
Magnets X12 ~optional


Assuming you’ll be painting these parts I would suggest at least 0.2mm layer height. while no parts are load beating, the loops used to attach the shoulder and albow pads are small, so those parts would benefit from more walls and higher infill.

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