Shangai table 1:1


Shangai table 1:1 scale
Inspired by the original Shangai Table design by Riflessi
Modelled in Sketchup.

80x80mm legs

2000x1000mm tabletop

Angles are chosen to be 30° and 50° for easier manifacturing from stainless steel square tubes.

These may not be optimal for printing because of the overhangs.

I printed this table in 10:1 scale with a filament change @4.1mm to get different colors for the top and legs.

Prusas gcode color change was used for this :

Generate your gcode first.
Upload it.
Set the position you want to change filament. >4.1mm in 10:1 scale

.Skp Sketchup file exported in Sketchup version 8 for legacy compatibilty reasons.

Supports needed

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