Slayer Key Doom Eternal Cosplay Life Size


This is a fan made Doom Eternal Ancient Gods prop, scaled to estimated life-size (112cm). It comes as one .stl file which is a solid single piece model. It has not been pre-hollowed (given walls) or split into parts, as I cannot predict what size printer a customer may have, how thick they want the walls, whether they will use FDM or SLA, what scale they wish to print it at, or what their use for it is etc. You will have complete freedom to decide these things for yourself whether it be cosplay, additional pieces for your collectible figures or anything in-between.

The images show exactly what you get, they are screenshots of the raw model inside my modelling software. It is the ethos of this store to be as transparent and open as possible. I would describe it as medium detail suited to FDM, not meant to be perfect up close on it’s own but a great starting point for painting. Please look at the full size images.

I don’t have FDM test prints because I don’t own an FDM printer yet (though I plan to), so if you do encounter an issue with the file simply message me and I will try to fix it and update the file. They have been tested on a resin printer at a small scale, but I know that slicing for FDM is much more of a pain. Refund requests due to a failure to read this description will not be entertained, a digital file cannot be returned.

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