slim chair


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Slim chair have been engineered to take the most from the plywood structural properties combining a high bending resistance with very low weight.

To be made from standard 18 mm thick plywood, the slim chair is very easy to fabricate, with a very simple assembly process. Once mounted the result is very robust and, even thought it feels like a light structure, can withstands heavy loads thanks to the plywood strength properties.

While assembling the parts it is recommended to drill pre-holes, at the edges of the plywood, of a lower diameter than the fastening bolts to be used. That is to prevent the separation of the plywood layers while bolting.

The DXF nesting file contains 6 mm diameter holes where the bolts are located. Those features on the cutting file are intended not to be cut trough, but just to be engraved a couple of mm to both indicate bolts positions for the assembly and house the bolts heads once inserted. 3 slim chairs can be obtained form an standard plywood board.


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