The Swede Guitar Foot Pedal Case


I designed this enclosure for a friend. This enclosure houses The Swede distortion pedal circuit board and parts kit that is available from

The files consist of the top cover and the bottom cover. The screws used to attach the bottom cover are plastic thread forming screws. Unfortunately I don’t know the thread size used. The clearance hole is roughly .140 in diameter. The head diameter is roughly .215 in diameter and the thread length is roughly .35 inches. I salvaged screws from an old glue gun so sorry not exactly sure of the screw specs. It will take 8 screws.

I used Testors enamel hobby paint to fill in the text.

Printer Used: Creality CR-10 V2
Material Used: Duramic 3D PLA Plus black
Scale: Set scale for each piece to 2540

Layer height: .28mm
Wall line count: 4
Top/Bottom layers: 4
Infill Density: 20%
Support: none for the top case – everywhere for the bottom cover
Nozzle Temp: 212 deg. C
Bed Temp.: 60 deg. C (Use glue stick on bed)
Print Speed: 60 mm/s
Print time: See last two pictures for print time of each piece
Print Orientation: See last two pictures

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