Triple Noctua Fan

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Triple Fan for CR10S Pro

Double fan duct and one Front fan

13/09/19: The fixation of the center fan are now updated, i added a little part for restrain the fixation to not rotate and drop on the bed like the V1 fixation
/! in this projet i used A4x10 Noctua Fan but do not use this fans if you want more power /!

14/04/20: I added a thick version of the link plate « Tell me if it’s better and more easy to print ».

17/07/20: I added a new center fan support, fixed on the two hotend’s screws, the file named « Center Fan Support (Screwable version) », two M3x25 screws needed to fix it.

CR10s Pro v1 Compatible, probably with the CR10s Pro v2 too because they have the same hotend.

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    2021/04/29 à 3h24
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